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LWBC Youth exists to nurture faith in the hearts of pre-teens and teenagers alike that equips them for a lifetime of glorifying God.



This month listen to the sermon “Letting off the Pressure.” It reinforces the concepts mentioned in the “Turn Overwhelmed in Overjoyed” blogpost located in the Pastor’s Corner. Here is the link:



Psalms 103



Connect with each other to dig deeper into this topic, connect, have fun, and grow in understanding.



We enjoy remembering happy moments. This October, share a special moment with a family member or special friend by doing something out of the ordinary for/with them.

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General Electric is a global digital industrial company. You’ve probably seen their brand on some of your kitchen or home appliances. But did you know that GE has an aviation branch called GE Aviation? They even design engines and systems for the military, turbines, aerospace, and for commercial airplanes!

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GE has just tested out its new product line for the U.S. Army, the T901. Program Director Tom Champion states “We have begun rig testing of T901 product configuration components and look forward to full engine testing next year.” Visit to explore.

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Financial Basics:

What is Opportunity Cost?

Answer: Opportunity cost is a cost you incur by giving up one option to enjoy the benefits of another choice.

It really is another way of saying, “If I buy this, then I can’t buy that.” By buying this, you give up the opportunity to buy that. Or alternatively, if you buy that, you give up the opportunity to buy this. So the opportunity cost is the cost associated with the option you don’t choose. It’s what you give up when you make the decision to purchase this or that.

You make these types of decisions every day. Should I buy pizza or chicken nuggets? Do I buy a pair of sneakers or a sweater? Should I bake a cake myself or buy one? Bike or roller skates? Do I save or spend? You get the point.

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