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LWBC Youth exists to nurture faith in the hearts of pre-teens and teenagers alike that equips them for a lifetime of glorifying God.



This September, listen to the sermon “What is the Holy Ghost?” that reinforces the concepts mentioned in the 08/23 LWBC sermon. Here is the link:



Read Romans 8 and connect Paul’s writing with the theme of “What is the Holy Ghost?”.



Join our weekly virtual meetings to dig deeper into this topic, connect, have fun, and grow in understanding.



A kind deed goes a long way. This September, find a way to help fill a need in your community.

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Tesla is a popular American manufacturing company who sells electric vehicles and other clean energy products, such as solar panels. As a driver, distance is always a concern since electric cars have a limited range before needing to recharge. These cars are of course powered by batteries, however, tomorrow (September 22nd) Tesla is unveiling a new battery that will revolutionize battery technology. Tomorrow may just be this company’s most important day in its history! According to their website, the Model Y will have Full Self-Driving capabilities, emergency braking, collision warning, and blind-spot monitoring. Are these the kinds of vehicle that Brother Branham saw in his vision?

Ready to design your own Tesla car? Visit to personalize your own car. Email me at to show me your personalized Tesla. What will it cost you?

As an adult, you would have to make lots of financial decisions. If you were working and getting paid $45,000 per year how long would it take you to save up for your Tesla if you wanted to pay cash only? Remember, that you cannot put all of your money towards saving for a vehicle only. You have to keep up with current expenses as well. Let me know what you think!

Financial Basics:

This week I was contacted with a very interesting question:

Where does the money that the banks have come from?

Answer: Banks borrow their money from various places including their depositors (people who deposit money into their bank accounts). They borrow this money and lend it out to people who want loans while charging them interest. The interest rate the bank applies to loans is greater than the interest rate they themselves are being charged to borrow the money. This is how banks stay in business.

However, a bank does not lend out all of its money to borrowers. It is required to have a certain portion remain in reserves (known as a reserve ratio). This amount depends on the money supply in circulation. Because keeping reserves is important, sometimes banks will borrow money from another bank or even from the Fed itself to comply with the reserve requirements.

Financial questions? Email

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