These short devotions are written by the kids and or adults of  the Living Word Bride Church. Topics range from Biblical doctrines to the challenges of daily life. Read and be inspired!

Empowered Witnesses This is an article written by our pastor and published in the Bible Advocate magazine. We post it here for sharing purposes and have no rights to the article. Read it here!

The Great Deception:  In church we were covering the topic of The Great Deception. That in the Garden of Eden, Eve was deceived by Satan. Read more!

Defending the Word: Defending the Word is very important, NOT because the Word cannot defend itself, but because, the Word cannot work without a vessel or someone to work through. Read more!

 Symbolism in the Book of Revelation: Did you know that in God’s hand in Revelation 1 there are seven stars? Find out more!
Constructive Criticism:
  Ever wonder how to criticize someone in a nice way? Read now!