The Fall & Rise of Man

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I could spend the rest of my ministry just on the Fall and never touch on all aspects of this pivotal moment in human history. Today I’d like to reinforce some of the things that I have taught the church with the goal of deepening your appreciation for what lies ahead for the Bride.

Those of you who have been under my ministry for some time know that I believe the Fall was the result of Eve’s misinterpretation of God’s Word. His command to “multiply and replenish”, given while they were in a spirit body, still hung over humanity without being fulfilled. The serpent, who was a beast of the field according to Genesis 3:1 and not the devil, came to Eve and enticed her into a sexual relationship which resulted in the birth of Cain.

When confronted with this harsh reality of an unfaithful wife (who the Bible teaches was already pregnant) Adam had to make a fateful decision. Should he save his wife and condemn humanity or should he abandon his wife and save himself?

Now Eve should have been burned along with the serpent for their awful deed. But Adam intervened, taking her quickly to himself so that she was saved.

Church Age Book, Thyatarian Church Age, Rev. William Branham.

You and I might say, “Well, the lesser of two evils is to save humanity and let Eve be condemned.” But remember such thinking is carnal as Caiaphas showed us when he said the same thing (John 11:50). We must realize that God’s nature is to protect and defend ALL of His children.

He is the Chief Shepherd and to lose one of His flock is unthinkable (see John 17:12). This trait of God (protective instinct) is hardwired in God’s sons. Allow me to digress just for a moment to say that the modern concept of women not wanting a man’s protection goes against the very programming of God. Adam, who was made in the nature of God, loved his wife and didn’t want to see her lost. So, in that moment, he made a decision to lose everything in order to save everything.

Adam’s faith

Adam knew that he was God’s child—and if God condemned Eve He would have to condemn him too. So he risked it all, as we would say, counting on the fact that God would somehow save them all.

And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

1 Timothy 2:14

God did intervene. But, like any good parent, He had stern consequences in store. As I mentioned this morning, when man sinned, a great blackness struck the Earth and all creation just as the universe itself suffered when Lucifer fell from heaven. Even the very structure of humanity became deformed. As God pronounced the curse in Genesis 3, changes took place in Adam and Eve’s bodies—just as they did the serpent and the Earth.

Let’s look at the penalty of sin.

First, God took the serpent’s legs (Gen. 3:14). From being an intelligent beast that could communicate he was condemned to be a slithering reptile. From being the “second-in-command” after Adam, he became so low that even a bird can look down on him. This condition carries over through the Millennium where the Bible tells us that “dust shall be the serpent’s meat” (Isaiah 65:25).

I don’t think we realize how seriously God takes sin. God said nothing about removing the serpent’s ability to think or reason—but his ability to express his thoughts was eliminated. Imagine if that were you? If you, and your descendants, were still able to think but couldn’t speak. This condition lasts throughout the end of time. One act done by one serpent condemned all future generations.

So, when you’re tempted to do wrong, consider how seriously God takes sin and how harshly He punishes iniquity.

Humankind’s fallen body

Second: man’s body changed. I mentioned once that Adam and Eve didn’t need a sewage system as their body didn’t produce any waste from what they ate in the Garden of Eden. I know this might have surprised you, and I understand, but I’d like to give you some scripture to think about in hopes that it will get you even more excited about the world to which we are going.

Adam himself could not be cursed, because he was God’s child even if he was in rebellion. So God cursed the ground for Adam’s sake. However, Adam’s body would be subject to time, gravity and other natural forces, and the elimination of waste products.

Before the fall, man didn’t sweat. Sweat is a direct response to the fallen condition—”In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread… (Gen. 3:19). Science tells us that sweat contains trace amounts of ammonia (a leftover product from broken down proteins). Everything Adam ate before sin hit the planet was perfect so there could be no elimination of waste.

No toilet paper hoarding there!

Our ability to bring genetically perfect offspring, our hormonal makeup…almost everything that we consider normal wasn’t what Adam and Eve knew before they sinned.

But Jesus changed everything

Jesus had to be born of a virgin because He is the antidote and sin started in the human race through adultery. His whole life was designed to fix the problems of humanity.

The holy God became flesh and had to humble himself to our fallen condition. The Second Adam has to deal with having his diaper changed as a Baby, the hormone changes of puberty, and all the other aspects of our life. Yet He is the bridge between God and man so He can command the winds and the waves to obey Him.

I like to think of Jesus as the world’s greatest undercover operative. He has to gain access to hell so he can liberate the souls in paradise, take the keys from the devil, and invade Satan’s stronghold. But how can He, a righteous man, end up in Hell? At the same time, how can God rip the law of sin from mankind that we inherit through our birth?

When Christ died, it was with the sins of all humanity upon Him—a fate that God Himself decreed. And when God saw the ugliness of every curse word, every rape, every murder, every single scrap of evil upon His Son, He turned His face away from the hideousness of what Jesus had become. Christ was to be the sponge that soaked up all the scum of humanity and He did the job so well that God condemned Him to hell without any hesitation (Ps. 16:10).

The rise of man

That day on Calvary set in motion a chain of events that no force could stop. God’s law decreed that Jesus (who hung on a tree) go to hell. Once in the devil’s kingdom, Jesus shifted from being a suffering servant to a conqueror who scattered demons with every step. The end result was Christ’s resurrection and the resurrection of all who are in Him.

The Bride is not so much going to rise as she is already risen with him (Colossians 3:1). But you remember I said these bodies were physically altered in the fall? Those aspects of a fallen man and woman will be changed to bring you back to exactly what God foreknew before Lucifer even had that first wicked thought!

Now we battle our nerves, but we won’t there because our bodies won’t come from the mortal reproduction of our parents with “short-wired circuits” and all kinds of random genetic variation. They will be the result of the glorified word of God that will make the laws of nature bow to your word.

Closing thoughts

Just as the product of an illicit union in Eden birthed death to the human race, so did a holy union between God overshadowing a consecrated womb produce Life that cannot be stopped.

That holy life now moves through us by the baptism of the Holy Ghost which teaches us more of Himself as we near that great Capstone. This is the season of the Third Pull—where you are brought back to everything that God envisioned. We can’t do it in this world so our loving heavenly Father is preparing to pull us out in a sudden, secret Rapture.

Make sure you are ready to leave.

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