How We Worship

church_jr2016In Spirit & in Truth

You might find that we worship a little bit differently than most at the Living Word Bride Church. This is because we believe in giving the Holy Spirit the freedom to do whatever He desires in every service. With us, church is never a routine! Here’s what to expect in anticipation of your visit:

We take about 30 mins. before the start of each service to pray silently, read our Bibles or messages of William Branham or just to meditate upon Jesus while peaceful Christian melodies create an atmosphere of worship. This helps get our minds off of the pressures of the day and onto Jesus Christ.

At the LWBC we love to worship God! Singing, music and testimonies are part of creating the atmosphere for the most important part of the service: the oncoming Word.

We believe that the Word of God is spiritual food and this is the most important part of the service. This is where God’s Spirit really manifests Itself and we love to hear Him speak to our hearts. Come and hear the Voice of God speak to you.

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