Breaking through the Barriers

This morning I focused on what it means to “pray through.” Tonight I’d like to identify what barriers have to be broken in order to pray through and give an example of someone who did just that.

Praying through means to pray until we get through to God. But, as I said this morning, our enemy is out there to sabotage our efforts. So we need to commit to pressing through every spiritual barrier until we achieve our prayer objective.

If you can see my diagram, you’ll note that I have the three parts of our human makeup labeled. Body, spirit, and soul. To pray through we need to make contact with God. But where does God live?

Not in heaven—as in somewhere a million miles away—but in you.

When the Lord Jesus prayed, He was directing His prayers to His divine Father that lived within Him. So must we.

So first, we need to punch through the barriers of flesh. That’s the part that is too tired to pray. Or can’t find the time to pray. Or maybe gets distracted, thinking about the laundry or the other things that need to be done. This is the part that gets shy and tries to keep you quiet instead of turning loose in prayer.

This barrier must be broken. If not, you simply won’t get through to God. Think of it like the first veil in the biblical temple. You had to go through it to get to the Holiest of Holies where God lived.

The second barrier

Okay, so you’re no longer self-conscious. You’ve no longer thinking about the hardness of the floor or how sick you might be feeling if you’re fasting. Now we’re in the area of the spirit. You might feel happy. Maybe like shouting. Or perhaps Satan is targeting your mind, trying to get you to doubt that God will hear your prayer.

Whatever the case, this second level will stop your prayers if this is as far as you go. Remember, our objective is to touch God not just feel good. We don’t just want an internal jubilee—we want results! This is where many believers get tripped up. They think that, because they feel blessed, it means they’ve touched God. Well, the holy place was a wonderful area with a lot of God’s blessings, but it still wasn’t where God lived.

I’m sure you can see the parallel with the sanctification and even Pentecostal movements. Certainly, God was moving. But there was still farther to go to touch Heaven.

The third barrier

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter. We’ve prayed through the senses and the distractions of our flesh. We’ve kept on praying through our emotions and we’re deep in prayer. Now, we’re getting ready to enter the presence of the King. It doesn’t go by how you feel. Or by how you don’t feel.

Making contact with God is less about emotion and more about certainty. It’s about finding your positioning, understanding what it means to be able to approach Him because you’re family thanks to the Blood. Yes, there’s emotion. But there’s more than that.

Yes, there might be reverent fear. But that’s not all. You see, here, in the Soul is the Throne Room of God when you’re converted. He takes up the kingship in your soul and is ready to give you an audience if you’ll press through all the barriers. Here is where you come to the place of faith.

This is why prayer is really a sort of travelling. It’s a spiritual journey from where you are to the very heart of the presence of God. And it’s taken without you needing to move one physical step. In the Throne Room you can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to you, reassuring you of His plan. He provides guidance. Rebuke. Whatever is needed for your situation to be resolved.

You all probably recall the testimony of the insane woman that Brother Branham prayed for. He references her story several times in the message, From that Time. Immorality, alcohol addiction and self-degradation had brought her to this point. But although church groups had prayed for her–and Bro. Branham also prayed for her–we find that she was still unable to overcome the situation.
She prayed but had never gotten past the first or second barriers. If you recall, at one point, she looked up at him and said, “Things are going to be different now.”

And he replied, “No they won’t.”

Stop and think. Why would a preacher tell a sincere young woman that she would continue to sin? It’s because he knew that, although she was sincere, she hadn’t really touched God yet. She perhaps had cried and her emotions were stirred but she hadn’t come into the Throne Room–the place where her faith could be ignited by the fire of God.

So he told her to keep praying and left her alone for a while. He noted that there came a point that “she being to change her notes in her prayer. In other words, she struck home run.” What was it? She’d broken through the barriers and come into the Throne.

Praying through changed that girl’s life. Praying through will change your life.

Break through and pray until you know the situation is over.