2017: Year of Power

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

2016 has shown us both tremendous trials and triumphs. We all laughed, cried and most of all prayed as situations unfolded before us. We celebrated 30 years of being together as a body of believers and honoured the Christ who has made this all possible.

We achieved unprecedented levels of success on the missionary field, with an estimated 675,000 people having been exposed to the Message thanks to your efforts.

With eager eyes we look forward to what our Lord will do in this coming year. To that end, I would like to present our new website, hoping that it will provide you with up-to-date, easy access to our church information as well as providing you with another resource for spiritual nourishment in this time of famine.

May this new year bring a new level of faith, commitment and power before our Lord.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Pastor Joseph Paul Robinson

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